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Basin Jazz

2017 Basin High School & Middle School Jazz All-Stars

2017 General Information Letter - Update Coming Soon! 


Last year was the inaugural year for the SBCMEA  Honor Jazz Groups.  Both groups performed incredibly well and were very well received by the huge audience.  We are now ready to take another step with our second year and   I sincerely hope all musicians audition for the ensembles. Our goal is to raise awareness in the jazz field and provide a performance venue for jazz players.  Once again we are very honored to have two incredible jazz musicians and jazz educators as our ensemble directors.  

Jr. High Jazz Honor Director is Mr. Mark Capalbo.  Mr. Capalbo is a highly respected Jazz director at Upland HS.  His ensembles have consistently garnered top awards for the ensemble as well as soloist awards.  He graduated from Cal State Univ. Northridge and plays Trumpet.   

High School Jazz Director is Mr. David Beatty.  Mr. Beatty directs the award winning APU jazz ensembles.  He brings a wealth of jazz knowledge to every ensemble he directs. He graduated from Cal State University Northridge and plays trombone. 


There is a $7.00 membership application fee, due February 1st.  

The application is on the SBCMEA website. 

Please send Basin fees to:
    Alta Loma High School
    Mr. Brian McNair
    8880 Baseline Rd, Alta Loma , CA 91701

Please make ALL audition checks, money orders payable to SBCMEA.  In order to participate in the SBCMEA Honor Jazz ensembles, the audition money needs to be Mailed and received by Mr. McNair.  Please send all monies to:  Mr. Brian McNair  @  Alta Loma High school,  8880 Baseline Rd.  Alta Loma , CA.  91701.  Once again,  All checks/money orders must be made out to:   SBCMEA.  

Audition Music - Posted 12/5/16

High School: How You Met Miss Jones

Alto Sax Tenor Sax Baritone Sax Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2 Trombone 1 Trombone 2 Piano
Guitar Bass Drums  

Junior High: Chatter That Matters

Alto Sax Tenor Sax Baritone Sax Trumpet
Trombone Bass Trombone Guitar Bass
Drums Piano    


Below is a step by step set of instructions on how to audition and submit an application for the SBCMEA Honor Jazz program.

SOMETHING NEW WITH THE AUDITION PROCESS:  All auditions and applications will be done online and posted into a secure web site.  Please see the instructions for all information.   Hopefully, this will streamline the process and make it accessible for all participants.  This is a learning curve for us and we are working very hard to ensure the process will be successful.  

You will need to submit a video audition. Here are the steps:

   Step 1: Record your audition with a good camera phones are acceptable
   Step 2: Record yourself in front of the camera playing: 
      - F concert scale (2 octaves), Swing 8th Notes, HS: 120 bmp, JH: 108 bmp
      - C concert scale (2 octaves), Swing 8th Notes, HS: 120 bmp, JH: 108 bmp
      - Chromatic scale, lowest to highest up and down audition piece
      - Lead trumpet only must play F above the staff (high school only) any lead chair must be capable of soloing
   Step 3: Go onto YouTube logging in with a current Gmail account
   Step 4: Press the “Upload” button in the top right hand corner
   Step 5: Upload your audition file
   Step 6: Make the title: [Your Name] SBCMEA Audition
   Step 7: Make the video private
           *Option is set to public by default
           **Next to the title 
   Step 8: Copy your YouTube link you will need it later
       You will then need to fill out this Information form: SBCMEA Honor Jazz (Updated 1/13/17)

*Notice: All of this information will be seen by Mr. McNair.   

Audition Submission Deadline TBD Post videos online.
Basin MS & HS Rehearsals February 2 Alta Loma HS (Rancho Cucamonga)
JH: 6-8:30 pm, HS: 6-9 pm
Basin MS & HS Rehearsals February 6 Alta Loma HS (Rancho Cucamonga)
JH: 6-8:30 pm, HS: 6-9 pm
Basin MS & HS Rehearsals February 9 Alta Loma HS (Rancho Cucamonga)
JH: 6-8:30 pm, HS: 6-9 pm
HD MS & HS Rehearsals TBD TBD
HD MS & HS Rehearsals TBD TBD
HD MS & HS Rehearsals TBD TBD
Basin Jazz Performance Friday,
February 10
Alto Loma HS, Rancho Cucamonga
7:00-8:15 pm
HD Jazz Performance TBD TBD

If you have any questions you may contact the SBCMEA High Desert Jazz All-Stars representative at

This page last updated December 5, 2016 - RMW